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A3 Management can provide services to all types of smaller and non profit organizations - arts organizations, social service agencies, community organizations, business development organizations, homeowner and condominium unit owner associations.  


The cost is generally set with a fixed-fee, but projects can be handled on an hourly basis.

A3 can provide essential administrative services for a volunteer organization, or assist existing staff as needed.


A3 can set up a financial management system, and can handle all accounting functions at whatever level your organization needs.  A3 can also develop  a database to help you keep track of essential information on your donors, members, or anything else that is important to the organization.  And recent developments in website software have made it possible to create excellent sites on your own, at a fraction of the cost of conventional web designers;  A3 can assist with this process

management tools

It is absolutely essential that any organization have a totally clear idea of where it is going, a vision that everyone within the organization is supporting.  A3 can review your structure, determine what you need, and help you get there.

long range planning and board development

project management

Whether you are constructing a new facility, putting on a conference, or conducting any activity that is beyond the range of your current staff and volunteers, A3 can provide support

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