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A3 is a hands-on management firm based in Santa Fe, New Mexico. 

A3 is purposefully small, with a select client list. 

Tom Spray received his formal education at Loyola University of Los Angeles, the University of Southern California, and the University of Wisconsin-Madison, but his real education began when he became the Public Relations Assistant/Gofer at the new Hartman Theatre Company in Stamford Connecticut.

From there he became the General Manager of the Tony Award-winning South Coast Repertory in Orange County California, the Managing Director of the Alley Theatre in Houston Texas, the Executive Director of Spirit Square Center for the Arts in Charlotte North Carolina, and the President of the Ordway Music Theatre in St. Paul Minnesota.  

Upon moving to Santa Fe New Mexico, he headed a non-profit social service organization and was the vice president of a construction company.  He founded A3 Management LLC in January 2009.

Tom has also presented many workshops and lectures for universities and other institutions throughout the country, and served on many boards and commissions for government, private and non-profitl organizations.

Meet The Team


"Smaller companies and non profit organizations are vital to making our society work.  They require as much management skill as any large commercial enterprise, perhaps more.  Let us help you make the most of your efforts; contact us now"

Tom Spray, Managing Member

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