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A3 Management LLC

Management and Finance for Small and Non Profit Organizations

Est. JAnuary 2009

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Large Heading


"A3 management" is an organizational style that emphasizes three elements - simplicity, solutions, and  strategy.

These principles are used by A3 Management LLC to create comprehensive programs that can be custom designed for each project or organization, using easy-to-understand tools for efforts, large and small

A3 can assist in all phases of the managment process.

A3 provides a thorough methodology for managing every element of that process - administration, finance, marketing, fundraising, and more.

A3 can assist all kinds of small and non profit organizations.

A3 Services

A3 Clients

A3 clients are forward looking and highly successful.  Founder and Managing Member Tom Spray has worked in the non profit sector for many years, and understands the workings of  many different types of smaller organizations

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